Smart, flexible, and future-proof

The Financials is the heart of any system; the repository of the transactions and balances that define the financial state of your company. While many accounting software providers have not taken an innovative approach to their Financials design, Softlync was built to be different. Our Financials architecture was uniquely built to enable extensive visibility, scalability, and flexibility. Let your business grow and evolve, because this Financials won’t ever hold you back.

Business Intelligence

See reports and dashboards that show performance by any combination of business drivers, and quickly get the information you need to make business decisions. With Softlync ’s revolutionary Financials you can capture the business context of your transactions, operational measures, and budgets. Softlync is able to give you the most relevant view of your real-time business performance, while simultaneously simplifying your chart of accounts.

Easy multi-entity management

Manage the financials for multiple entities with ease, whether your business is simple or complex, with domestic or global locations. Produce financial consolidations at the push of a button, automate multiple currency conversions, and get consolidated reports without waiting for month-end.

Key benefits

1. Flexible and easy to use chart of account
2. Multicurrecy Management
3. Cost Centers
4. Bank Master
5. General Voucher
6. Bank Transactions
7. Bank Deposits
8. Bank Transfers
9. Account Ledger
10. Trial Balance
11. Financial Statements

Implementation of Softlync ERP

Now a days ERP is implemented in everey part of life. Some of them are

Software Houses

Advertising / digital marketing

Media and publishing

Whole sale dealers

Financial Services

Health and care


Energy Sector