The Softlync philosophy

The Softlync philosophy? It’s not complicated: We believe your ERP system should both accelerate business processes and support business people. Like you, we’re financial pros who understand the pressures and challenges on your side of the table. That’s why we measure our success by yours and strive to deliver the efficiency and insight to sustain fast growth.

Benefits of Softlync ERP

01. Cost reduction by 30% or even more.

02. Higher level of functionality at minimal cost.

03. Matches the functionalities and options provided by any other high cost ERP.

04. Fully integrated System, covering aspects of Finance, Supply chain and manufacturing

05. Reduced operating costs.

06. Improved working capital management

07. Reduced complexities

08. Easy and swift access to real time and accurate data

09. Reduced uncertainty in strategical and operational decision making

10. Improves Coordination among departments and Employees

11. Keeps Customer and Company data safe and secure interoperability between locations

12. Smoother, more proficient, and more timely execution of supply chain activities Increases customer service and response times

13. Minimize storage costs and improve cash flow by better managing inventory levels

14. Visibility to all key operating indicators

15. Enhance monitoring abilities of higher management

16. Fully customizable as per customer requirements